Building Q & A Confidence Part II


The last newsletter focused on the first component of building Q & A confidence, preparation.  If you missed it, it is on my blog.  The second component is planning:

2.  Planning: A common start to questions might be “Tell us about a situation…”  or “Tell us about a project…”.  As a result,  is a good idea to come up with stories or examples of past success and lessons learned that might be relevant for use in Q & A during project interviews.  These should be identified well in advance of interview day because it is difficult to come up with good responses under the pressure of questioning.  This is also important because we tend to go with the first thing that comes to mind which is usually the most recent or the most painful.  And those might not be the most ideal examples to share with the selection panel.  So create a Compelling Story Collection (CSC) (TM).  Add two per week and in a few months you will have a number of stories you can utilize for Q & A.