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Effective communication is essential to success in the design and construction industry. Every individual within your organization is constantly communicating: internally (meetings, emails, casual conversation, presentations) and externally (project interview presentations, project meetings, networking, client dialogue, developing new relationships, maintaining existing relationships). Yet, many individuals lack the skills, self-awareness and understanding to optimize each of their communications.

Communication that is ineffective or not optimized is quite costly, more that safety and quality combined. The challenge is that the impact of communication is constant and yet it is impossible to quantify.

How many internal and external communication events occur in a day for an individual employee? If, in those events, the employee makes a less than ideal impression or is ineffective, what might that cost the company in terms of efficiency, internal and external relationships, and prospective work? Multiply that by 360 days per year?

Both the message and the messenger impact communication. Language and process alone do not create meaningful impact on others. Most people do not remember everything they hear. However, HOW someone is being influences what they think they remember about what they heard.

How do you want others to describe you? Likeable, Interesting, Trustworthy, Dynamic, Confident, Compelling.

High Impact Communications helps you gain clarity on how you are being, on your behavior, language and a host of conscious and unconscious barriers that diminish your impact. We also provide tools and guidance to allow you to make the shifts that will enable you to more consistently and powerfully communicate from your authentic charisma.

Rather than coaching you to appear a certain way temporarily, we take an inside-out approach to achieve consistency between who you are and what you want to convey about yourself to others. We provide coaching, tools and techniques to develop a more lasting and effective way of being that aligns with your authentic self while helping you to increase your impact and effectiveness.

You will complete our program empowered to consistently communicate your authentic charismatic self in different settings.

“Ms. Weinstein’s program and approach clearly eclipse all others. With her methodology and sincere desire to help others, we not only learned in a very short time how to sharpen our presentation skills, we also received value from her innovative tools (tricks) to apply in all our professional undertakings and personal lives.” Ray Baker, Balfour Beatty

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