Services for Public Figures

Solutions: Authentic Charisma Development. Communication Training. Speaker Training. Presentation Coaching. Your Impact 360©. BEYOND Media Training.

How do you want others to describe you? Likable, Interesting, Trustworthy, Dynamic, Confident, Compelling.

High Impact Communication helps you gain clarity on how you are being, on your behavior, language and a host of conscious and unconscious barriers that diminish your impact. We also provide tools and guidance to allow you to make the shifts that will enable you to more consistently and powerfully communicate from your authentic charisma.

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Rather than coaching you to appear a certain way temporarily, we take an inside-out approach to achieve consistency between who you are and what you want to convey about yourself to others. We provide coaching, tools and techniques to develop a more lasting and effective way of being that aligns with your authentic self while helping you to increase your impact and effectiveness.

“For actors and industry types looking to polish professional presentations and have greater impact in media appearances, Hilari Weinstein may very well be Hollywood’s best kept secret. She has helped thousands of public figures, organizations, and business professionals to develop authentic charisma, craft compelling messages and powerfully deliver them.”  Steve Rohr, Author, Media Expert, Show Publicist for the Oscars (R).

You will complete our program empowered to consistently communicate your authentic charismatic self in different settings.

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