Selection Success!

How Cbook-cover-finalonsultants, Contractors, and Others Can Increase Their Success in a Qualifications-Based Selection Process
 By Lori Stanley & Hilari Weinstein 

“You’ve been selected!” That’s what firms want to hear after they’ve committed significant time, energy, and resources to create a Statement of Qualifications submittal and prepare an interview presentation for a public works or private sector project. And this is what firms will hear more frequently when they provide the right information in a way that allows the owner to give the firm the most points possible in a selection process. Selection Success! provides specific, detailed suggestions on ways to improve your submittal, optimize your presentation, and enhance business with your clients.

The selection panel will get a lot of information from the various SOQs they read and in the interviews they will see. How can YOU stand out? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? This book will provide valuable tips, tools, and ideas to help improve your SOQ and interview processes and help your firm increase your Selection Success!

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More Selection Success

Practical, Proven Principles for Winning A/E/C Project Interview Presentations
By Hilari Weinstein

Want more A/E/C project interview wins? This book is for you.

For her first book, Hilari Weinstein partnered with Lori Stanley to write Selection Success; How Consultants, Contractors and Others Can Increase Their Success in a Qualifications-Based Selection Process.  It was designed as a soup-to-nuts overview of best practices to improve your firm’s chances of getting selected for the project you’ve targeted.

In More Selection Success, Hilari brings you greater insight into the best practices, smartest methods, and optimal techniques for winning your selection interviews. These proven techniques will improve your presentation style for high impact interviews and more selection success.

Price: $19.99

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