How do you want others to      experience you?


Optimize Your Impact

Achieve meaningful connection with your audience, consistent authenticity and clarity, improved confidence and self-awareness, and more presence and joy.

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The program pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to consider how I want others to perceive me…on an on-going basis, not just when making presentations or public speaking.

Paul J. Sharamitaro, BSI, Inc.

We followed Hilari’s recipe and successfully won a million dollar plus project. Her ability to help us recognize messages we send to others not only changed our way of thinking about the message but also about what non-verbal signals we send people that directly impact their choices.

Tricia Buritica, Kimley-Horn

“Hilari has a true gift for allowing those that attend to relax and receive the invaluable feedback she has to give on what it would take to exude the most charisma.”

Janice Hurley, The Image Expert