When to add to an answer in Q & A

One question I frequently get asked is whether it is okay to add to an answer made by a fellow teammate.
It depends on several factors:1. Will your contribution ensure the team gets maximum points for the response?2.  Will adding on discredit your teammate?

3.  Are you truly adding value or just making a comment?  Q&A is not like Facebook where lots of comments are a good thing.  Lots of comments are a bad thing in Project Interview Q & A.

4.  Time.  Sometimes the panel has a set number of questions they want to ask every team.  Multiple add-ons to answers may prohibit your team from responding to all of the questions the panel wants to ask in the time allotted.  If you do not answer all of the questions that the other teams answered, you miss out on potential points you likely need to win the job.  So if you contribute, it must be done in a succinct way.

5.  Will adding to the response demonstrate team chemistry and collaboration or reveal incongruity?

As you can see, there are several factors to consider, if you take into account the 5 considerations above, you will make better add on decisions.  If you have doubt as to whether you should add on, don’t.

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