Can you relate?

With budgeting season upon us, now is the perfect time to give me a call to develop a support plan and budget the resources to help you actualize it.  Even if you have had training in the past, High Impact Communication has a unique approach.  Besides, when it comes to presentation skills, there is no end game. Skill development is a career long opportunity for growth and improvement.

Some of my clients don’t have in house presentation skills training. Others have in house presentation training that offers the basics.  But as you know, the basics just scratch the surface. Because High Impact Communication’s training is industry-specific, taught by a competitive presentation and coaching specialist, the coaching you get propels veteran and novice presenters quickly to exponential growth.

If any of the following statements resonate with you, give me a call today to get the support you need:

-You want to improve your shortlist to win ratio over the next 12 months.

-You have corporate in-house presentation training through a generalist but it is just not enough.

-You have worked with other presentation skills trainers/ interview coaches in the past but could use a fresh perspective and different style to reinvigorate the presenters and processes.

-You keep hearing that you were a close second.

-Client debriefs have revealed you are losing the job in the interview.

-You have smart people but they don’t present well.

-Your presenters present infrequently so they get rusty fast-making interview prep an uphill battle.

-You have folks from corporate who help us with interviews but they are not always available and could really use an outside perspective.

-Your people don’t seem to implement the coaching recommendations you make.

-You are going after a big design-build project and your team could use an objective third party to make the interview prep process more effective and to ensure the team comes across cohesive.

Let’s discuss training options or how I can assist by preparing your team for your next project interview.   As a competitive presentations specialist and a masterful coach, I get outstanding results in impressive time.

Give me a call at 602-795-5400 or email me at so I can better understand your goals and we can come up with a plan to enable you to actualize them and make the last quarter of 2012 or next year a success!