Discussing Processes and Procedures in the Interview and Q & A

Quite often, owners will ask you to describe your process as it relates to a critical component of the job.  These processes may be very similar among the consultants or contractors they have invited to interview.   To make sure the selection panel does not tune out during your interview from hearing the same process they have already heard, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Mentions that your process is likely similar to what they have heard today from the other teams, including x, y, and z.  But the added value you bring is ____________.  Or, the different approach you take to the process is ______________.  Or, owners have told us what they appreciate most about our approach is _________________.
  2. Pull in an example from a previous project that demonstrates your effectiveness in delivering a favorable outcome for the client.
  3. Apply the process to the specific project you are interviewing for.  For example:  Our public outreach process will ensure that the folks living in the Encanto subdivision will be fully informed of our activities through X, Y, and Z.  We will also make sure we limit the impact of our construction activities around Mesa High school by X, Y, and Z.

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