Introductions with Impact

Take your individual team member introductions from boring and blah to powerful and memorable.

How?  Here are a few ideas:

If your principal or project manager is introducing his or her team, have them say something unique about each person.  For example: “Joe Marks will be your project superintendent.  Joe is masterful at managing schedules and the sub-contractors love working with him.”

If you are having the individual team members introduce themselves, add a commitment statement and or paint a picture of what you will be doing for them on their project.  For example: “I’m Joe Marks, I’ll be your project superintendent.  You can count on me to always be available to you day or night.  I’ll be the first guy at the job site in the morning and the last guy to leave at night.”

By making more out of your introductions, you help the selection panel get a clearer, 3 dimensional picture of the members of your team.  This often results in the panel feeling a greater connection with your presenters.

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