Learning to enjoy the process not just the end result…

I was working with a general contractor recently who said, “Don’t take this personally, but I hate practicing, I hate presenting, the only thing I like is the relief I feel when it is over.”

His statement may resonate with some of you readers.

I shared with him that I understood where he was coming from.  Practicing my presentation is not my favorite part of the process either.  But to hate the process of developing your presentation, to like the end result only, is kind of like saying I hate playing the game but like winning.  I hate the road trip but like arriving at my destination.  While that may feel true to you, we can find things to appreciate about the journey that leads us to our desired destination.

So I suggested that he come up with 5 reasons to enjoy the preparation process and 5 reasons to enjoy the presenting.  Here is what he came up with:

5 reasons to enjoy presentation preparation:

  1. It gets me out of the 110 degree heat
  2. It helps me get clear on what I want to stay
  3. I get to hang out with a pretty lady  instead a bunch of sweaty construction guys
  4. The water’s always cold in the office.
  5. It is an opportunity for me to improve in an area I’m becoming better at each time I practice

5 reasons to enjoy presenting:

  1. I get to show what I know
  2. I get to connect with people and tell them about projects I’m proud of
  3. It gets me out of the heat
  4. I like challenging myself
  5. I like winning

What would your 5 reasons be?