I do not recommend scripting out your portion of the project interview and trying to memorize it for several reasons.

  1. When people try to script it out, they write for the written word not the spoken word.  So when they speak it, it sounds funny.
  1. Most folks are not trained actors.  Years of training is required to make an actor skilled at their craft-to make the scripted come across as natural.  The typical A/E/C professional is not going to deliver scripted material in an authentic way.
  1. Scripting often requires the presenter to stay in their head throughout the presentation in order to remember their next line which keeps them from the real reason they are there which is to connect with the panel.  Content matters but not at the expense of connection.
  1. When presenters operate from a script, they have more difficulty getting back on track if they have stumbled in their presentation.

I recommend working from an outline and establishing the three most important concepts you need to communicate in each segment of your discussion.  It is a lot easier to remember key words in an outline rather than paragraphs of text.  Additionally, delivering content will come across more sincere when the presenter speaks without being confined by a script.

Repetition and practice using an outline is key to consistency of message.  It will come out slightly different each time, but avoid the temptation to test out new material for the first time in front of the selection panel since timing is key to the team communicating the desired message within the parameters the client has established.

Every presenter is different in the amount of time required to make their content comfortable and consistent.  So it is essential to account for that in your team preparation efforts.