The perception of passion…

As many of you know, a significant impact on my presentation and coaching skills came as a result of my participation in competitive speaking in high school and college.  I learned so much about what it takes not just to be good but to be ranked #1 amongst stiff competition.

This year, the AFA National Collegiate Tournament is coming to Arizona and I am excited to be part of the event that, in my senior year of college, ranked me #2 overall in the nation, winning two national titles and placing 4th in another event.

One of my great joys this past year has been having the time to volunteer as an alumni coach to the University of Texas team.  Via Skype, I have been able to work with students since the fall to help them prepare for the various tournaments throughout the year culminating in the national tournament, which is being held this weekend.

Despite what has been a very busy time for me professionally; making time for these students is something I am very passionate about.  I want them to know that such sessions are not a burden to my busy schedule but something that I look forward to to help them be successful.

I share this because when it comes to project interview presentations, the client wants to believe you are passionate about their project and about helping them.  They don’t want to sense that you are spread too thin with responsibilities or that their needs are a burden.  They want to believe you will go above and beyond the call of duty to be of service.  This is a critical component of winning the job but more importantly to creating customers for life.