When the panel seems aloof…on purpose

Occasionally panels are given specific instructions to appear impartial. As a result, do not get thrown off if greetings before the interview, light humor or great ideas do not get the response you had hoped for. I always mention this in my preparation sessions. Last month, I was especially glad I did.

In early December, I worked with a general contractor pursuing a large expansion project for a water reclamation facility. This was a client they had done work for in the past and had an excellent relationship with. When they arrived for the interview, they were surprised that people they knew well seemed aloof and limited any pre-interview interaction or pleasantries. While some teams might have allowed such an experience to make them question themselves, the quality of the relationship, or their approach, my team did not let it alter their focus or game plan. AND they won the $120 M project.

So remember, that a cold panel may be part of their plan.  Do not get thrown.

Hilari’s teams won 3 out of 3 in December with project construction values totaling

$186 M

What clients are saying…

“Hilari is able to quickly identify weaknesses and help a person to make positive adjustments allowing for immediate improvement.”


Brad Medlin

Project Manager

Webber Construction