Using the Voice to Make Your Message Memorable

Your voice is an instrument that, when used effectively, acts as a verbal yellow highlighter directing your selection panel to what is most important to remember in your presentation.

You wouldn’t be able to fall asleep on a roller coaster.  The twists and turns and ups and downs keep you alert and engaged throughout the ride.  Take your panel on a ride using your voice: get louder at times, then get softer, slow down then speed it up, play with inflection and pitch and occasionally pause for emphasis.

Do this and your message will likely have greater sticking power.

MUST HAVE: Get a digital voice recorder.  Speak into it and listen to how you sound.  Let someone else take a listen and give you feedback about what works and what doesn’t.  If you don’t like what you hear, if you put yourself to sleep, add some vocal punch to your presentation.