What does your set up say?

How you set up the presentation space for your project interview says a lot about how well your team works together.

Quite often, the selection panel is in the room while the team sets up the projector, computer, boards, handouts-whatever they will need for the presentation.

Team A walks into the room without making eye contact with the panel.  They seem disoriented and have difficulty figuring out who should do what, where they are going to put the boards and who is going to sit where.  It takes three of them standing around, scratching their heads and arguing to figure out how to get the slides projected.  First impression: rude and disorganized.  If they can’t figure this out, how will they manage a complex project.

Team B walks into the room with smiles on their faces and makes good eye contact with the panel.   They introduce themselves and then begin an efficient set up with each person assigned a task related to getting ready.  First impression:  Friendly and organized.  These folks work well as a team to get the job done.