One of the elements I work with my clients on is authenticity in presentations.  But the microcosm of presentations allows us to improve the authenticity and effectiveness of all the mini-presentations, or communication events that occur in a day.

Authenticity is a perception. It is the perception of congruency between what is seen, heard, and felt by the observer/listener. The dots line up. For example, if someone says, “I am really happy to be here”, yet their face and voice are devoid of emotion, the dots don’t connect. The perception is that the individual lacks authenticity.

But authenticity is not a constant. It is not being the same in every situation. Within each of us is a variety of ways of being. In some circumstances it is authentic to be calm and serene. In others it is to be feisty.   In others it is to be jovial. But within that array of ways of being that comprise you, the authenticity is perceived by the congruency of what is seen, heard and felt.

But effectiveness of communication is also impacted by which part of yourself you bring to the occasion. Is that way of being appropriate for the audience you are communicating with. The part of you that authentically interacts with a baby is not the part that resonates in the boardroom.