Take advantage of time between proposal submittal and shortlist notification…

There is usually a short window between shortlist notification and interview day which makes the process very time sensitive.  Quite often, much needs to be done and there is only so much time in a day to accomplish it.  Therefore, don’t wait until shortlist notification to begin preparing for the interview.


Some things you can do to set the team up for success prior to notification:

1. Practice Q & A.
2. Pull key messages out of the proposal that you want to highlight in the interview.
3. Identify unique team differentiators and how they will add value to the project.
4. Identify stories, examples and client testimonials that will resonate with this client to demonstrate the team’s ability to deliver a successful outcome.
5.  Select graphic and visual elements that will help the team respond to any questions related to team experience and project approach (since these are required on almost every interview).