Ideal Rate of Speech?

When you have a team of presenters, the rate of speech should not be the same for everyone and at all times or you will lull your panel into a coma.   Presenters should not deliver material at the same rate.  In particular, those presenting highly technical information should show down to help the panel fully digest and understand the content.  Varying the rate of speech in a presentation within each presenter’s segment will also help to keep your selection panel engaged.

Generally speaking, when a presenter speaks too slowly, they risk tranquilizing the audience into a slumber.  Alternately, if a presenter speaks too quickly, they risk confusing the audience and these presenters are often perceived as not being forthright.

How do you know if your rate of speech is optimal?

The ideal speaking rate is around 150 words per minute.

Time yourself reading 150 words of text aloud and tweak accordingly.