Interview presentations, the postal service and “sticky” communication

The postal service delivers tons of communication daily.  We expect all of that communication we send to be delivered as intended or returned to us if it does not make it delivered to the intended recipient.  Most are opened by the recipient, but there is a good amount of communication that gets pitched without a glance.

In contrast, project interview presentations contain messages both verbal and visual each of which is carefully crafted.  It is safe to say that not all the messages sent will be received.  And it is difficult to quantify or predict which messages will stick.  However, there are things you can do as a presenter to increase the stickiness of your project interview communication.

Compelling verbal and visual delivery can certainly help to emphasize key messages.

Additionally, the message itself should be intentional and well crafted.  In their book, “Made to Stick”, Chip and Dan Heath share:

“Sticky”= understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thought or behavior

There are 6 principles that lead to “Sticky” SUCCESs:

Simple: Find the Core

Unexpected: Get Surprise

Concrete: Help People Understand and Remember

Credible: Help People Believe

Emotional: Make People Care

Stories: Get People to Act