Not Feeling Your Best?

The changing seasons tend to bring about an assortment of ailments.   Having to prepare and give a presentation when in the midst of feeling sick exacerbates stress.

Man Coughing So at times like this, it is imperative that you take care of yourself.  Take time to rest.  Eat well.  Be wary of medication that could make you sleepy when taken on presentation  day.  Stay hydrated.

If you are nursing a cough or sore throat, try hot tea with lemon and honey.  The best is called Throat Coat and it is available on-line or at your  local health food store.  Cough drops are great.  Go for the yellow or clear ones.  Avoid blue or red colored cough drops as they will leave a noticeable stain on you tongue.  Make sure you bring water in with you to the presentation.  It should be room temperature as cold water can constrict the vocal cords.

Take something that will keep you from having to blow your nose during a presentation.  You don’t want a handful of snot rags in one hand and a clicker in the other.  And if you have been coughing or blowing your nose, don’t shake hands with the panel members.  Just let them know you have been under the weather and want to keep them healthy.

Not feeling well does not mean that you get a free pass to perform poorly on presentation day.  Every opportunity should be optimized.  Anyone can gut it up for the short amount of time you have in front of the client.  They do not know what you are like otherwise.  Their only experience of you is what they see in the presentation.  If you come across lethargic and distracted, they will assume you lack passion for the project.