Don’t be Fooled… Into thinking that gimmicks and theatrics will get you the job

In the last month, I have presented “Punt the Act, Win the Pitch-A Gimmick-Free Approach to Getting the Job” at two A/E/C industry conferences. The program was so well received, earning an overall rating of 4.92 out of a possible 5 from attendees, that I wanted to share some of the concepts with you:

You can’t use theatrics to mask poor content and lack of substance. Don’t get me wrong, both the message and the messenger impact the listener experience. However, theatrics will fall flat 90% of the time because you can’t train design and construction professionals to be competent actors in a few hours or a few days. If so, we’d all be making millions in Hollywood.

Besides, the client does not want theatrics. They are not impressed by it. In fact just the opposite is true. The client wants to see something real in project interviews.

Presentations are not and should never be performances. Having received years of training and professional experience as an actor and presenter, these are the differences between the two:

Presenting Performing

Don’t be fooled by theatrics. Let me help you with gimmick-free, proven techniques that will lead to sustainable high-impact practices and more project wins.