The 17 worst things to say in a wedding speech

37-41% of weddings take place in the summer.  If you live in Arizona, like I do, those numbers as less due to the summer heat.

At some point in our lives, we will have the honor of speaking at a wedding.  Some of you may find yourself fretting over it for weeks.  Some of you may desperately try to avoid giving such a speech.  Some of you may welcome the opportunity.   Some of you might seek “liquid courage” and just let your thoughts flow-which I do not recommend.

Put simply, here are some simple tips to ensure your wedding speech is meaningful and memorable:

1. Keep in simple.

This is not about you being the center of attention but the bride and groom.

2.  Don’t wing it.

Organize your thoughts.  Have a note card if it makes you more comfortable.  Avoid jokes.  But I do recommend lighter elements as well as something more heartfelt.

3. Do a few dry runs at home.

This will help you get some of the nerves out and get feedback so you can make adjustments if needed.

4.  Drink with caution.

I am not going to suggest you avoid all libations but be smart about it.  If you know you will be speaking, don’t do shots with the best man fifteen minutes before the speech.  Wait to indulge until after your speech.  You don’t want to be remembered and captured forever on video as the person who was too tipsy to make sense.

Before you find yourself with your foot in your mouth, take a look at these suggestions:

17 worst things to say in a wedding speech