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“Presentations are a tool for high-stakes internal and external communications.

Presentations all too often reflect the agenda of the presenter rather than build a connection with the audience.  This is unfortunate because presentations could be considered the last branding frontier, in terms of both the attention paid to them and where they fit in the sales cycle.

In many instances, presentations are the last impression a customer has of a company before closing a business deal.”
Nancy Duartre

Recommended Reading:
By: Nancy Duarte

This book is an absolute “must have” for your graphic designer.  Duarte offers many examples and creative strategies to tell your story visually, with impact, rather than just having a series of bullet points.

There are many great ideas in the book but  there is one thing I hugely disagree with. On page 13 Duarte offers a time estimate for developing a presentation.  She suggests for an hour long presentation with 30 slides, 3 hours should be devoted to rehearsing. That is not even close to enough time for a presenter to effectively rehearse an hour long presentation.

All in all, the book is worth checking out:

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