Question: What if it appears that a member of the selection panel is not paying attention?

The key here is the word appears.  It may not be you or your presentation.  It be a momentary lapse in concentration as a result of sitting for a long period of time and getting a lot of information.  So it might not serve you to take it personally.  As a result, it might not serve you to try to adjust your presentation to liven up this one person.  They may be back with you in a flash.

If you notice a panel member who is not looking at you but diligently scribbling notes, don’t take that as a negative.  He or she may be getting so much great information from you they want to get it on paper.

If the person is clearly off in their own world for an extended period of time.  You have a few options:

1.  Focus on connecting with the rest of the panel.  He or she is just one person and if you spend all your energy and focus on that one person you are neglecting everyone else.

2.  Do not call that individual by name.  You risk embarrassing them in front of their peers which typically will result in them casting you in a negative light.  Remember what it was like in school when the teacher called you out for not paying attention?

3.  One simple way to get them to notice is to casually move closer to them without looking at them directly.  This should cause them to look up since when we see something move we typically look.

4. When they do look up, immediately make eye contact and smile as if they have been diligently listening all along.