Question: What is the ideal pace for a presentation?

Nothing is worse than a presentation that drags.  Your presentation’s pace is determined by the rate of speech, transitions, as well the movement of visual elements.

1.   The rate of speech should not be slow and deliberate but rather energetic and lively if you want to maintain audience interest.

2.  Transitions should be smooth, seamless and quick.  Nothing kills your momentum faster than a drawn out transition.

3. The movement of your visual aids should also be smooth, seamless and quick.  That is not to suggest that you go through them rapid fire.  What is does mean is that your should have rehearsed enough with your visual elements that you appear to be totally in control.  There should not be a lot of lag time when you move from one slide to another.  The presenter should not need to look at the screen every time a new slide pops up or a new bullet is revealed.  This breaks the momentum and can cause your presentation to drag.

Want your audience to keep up with you?  Don’t let your drag.  Keep up the pace.