Attitude Adjustment

“You must be the kind of person who can get things done.
But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the secondary consequences”
-Ayn Rand

There are a number of folks who don’t like presenting.  Nor do they like having to rehearse in preparation for project interviews.  They have a bad attitude about the whole thing.

Sure, presenting is uncomfortable for some.  Here are some ideas to help you adjust your attitude:

1.  Be a team player.  If you don’t give it your best in rehearsal and the actual interview, it impacts the whole team.

2.  Focus on the positive.  Landing this project ensures job security in this tough economy.

3.  Get excited about the project.  It is easy to talk about things you are passionate about and especially if you’ve come up with some unique solutions to the client’s challenges.

4.  Remember, the selection panel wants to like you.  Make it easier for them to do that by coming into the whole process with a good attitude.

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