Self-Consciousness vs. Self-Awareness in Winning Project Interviews

Self-consciousness is deadly to a presenter.  It exacerbates nervousness.  When a presenter is self-conscious, they are focused internally-ME focused. They are engrossed by the critical voice inside their head that picks apart everything they are saying and doing: words, movement, gestures… They are unaware of anything happening outside of themselves and as a result are unable to connect with the audience.  They don’t even see the people if front of them.  If you have not practiced enough and are uncertain about what is going to come out of your mouth, you are more likely to be self-conscious.

In contrast, I teach my clients self-awareness, which frees presenters to be AUDIENCE focused.  When one is self-aware they can notice things like wording, voice and gestures and make adjustments to the presentation without judgment.  They don’t beat themselves up.  They notice and correct as needed.  The critical voice inside their head takes a break in order to maximize the connectedness between them and the selection panel.  The presenter’s focus is outside themselves on those to whom they are presenting, thus enabling them to better engage the audience.  To accomplish this, it is imperative that you get so comfortable and confident in the content that you can be in the moment in from of the selection panel.

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