Take a Peek Inside One of Hilari’s Charisma Clinics

My popular workshop, “The Charisma Clinic”(TM) is the first component of the comprehensive Project Interview Excellence Program (TM).   Although, some clients choose to do this powerful half-day workshop alone.  The link to view part of it is at then end of this article.

Charisma is the ability to draw others in.  Some people have big personalities but they do not truly possess charisma because they consciously or unconsciously push others away.

The program teaches that everyone has it, but many do not know how to access is when it can be most useful.  They learn how to in “The Charisma Clinic”(TM).

Every interaction we have with a client or colleague is a presentation. In each of those interactions, we are either enhancing or diminishing the impression they have formed of us. That impression impacts how they interpret our message. If our audience does not like or trust us, our message is lost. This is the foundation of the training I provide. My goal is to help your team be more effective and engaging communicators by increasing their self-awareness so they can make more powerful, positive impressions AND the message sticks.

This session is the critical foundation. We focus on the non-verbal elements, which influence how others see, hear and feel about your presenters and your message. This program is effective because we isolate these elements and work on them in advance of the verbal components. Participants learn to:

  • Project greater confidence, likeability and trustworthiness
  • Make a stronger connection with your audience
  • Develop a powerful physical presence
  • Engage others without words
  • Present with sincerity and authenticity
  • More clearly enunciate
  • Use expressiveness, inflection and pauses to help the audience retain and remember your message
  • Become more compelling and memorable
  • Effortlessly draw others in

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