To theme or not to theme…

Coming up with a theme for your presentation makes the experience more memorable for your selection panel. It simplifies the message and makes it stick.

The team is often so close to the material that have difficulty summing it up in a simple, memorable phrase. So an outside perspective like mine can take their proposal, ideas, outline or slides and come up with the key message that reflects the multiple differentiators they want to communicate.

Recently, I helped a client craft a compelling, sticky message by coming up with the following theme: We give you the X Factor: Xperience, Xpertise, and Xcitement.

Another client had strengths in a variety of areas but they felt that their traffic engineer might not have quite the experience as the competition. So we needed to focus the selection panel on the big picture rather than one project component. The theme I came up with was “You get the Perfect Balance”. Then we had a graphic with a scale and the six project components equally balanced. In this way, we had talking points for each of the six and stressed the importance of each being in alignment for project success.

Need help coming up with a theme? Give me a call at 602-795-5400.

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