Sincerity: You can’t fake it until you make it

Sincerity is paramount to your message having an impact.  If a speaker comes across insincere, we tend to discredit the speaker and dismiss their message.  No one will buy your message until they buy you.

Let’s take the example, “I am passionate about working on your project.” These words only have meaning if the feeling comes first, those feelings then trigger a sparkle in the eye, excitement in the voice, etc…  Just saying the words doesn’t cause the same biochemical reaction.  The simplest way to make sure that your words come across sincere is to feel the feelings first then speak the words.


  1. Raj says:

    So how do politicians do it? 🙂

    1. Hilari says:

      Hey Raj,

      The key is to believe what you are saying 100%.

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